Surgeons & Hospital Staff

Surgeons interested in obtaining tissue from Eversight must send us the following items before we can provide tissue:

The information you provide is for Eversight's purposes only and is not released to others. Our request for documentation is based upon the need to comply with the Medical Standards of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA). Upon receipt of this documentation by Eversight, you will be eligible to request and receive tissue on behalf of your patients.

Please contact Eversight for information about tissue processing fees.

The processing fee and applicable pre-cut fee will be charged to the hospital or facility where the surgery is performed. The hospital or facility then bills the patient’s insurance company. Virtually all third-party payers (e.g. insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid) fully reimburse these expenses. The federal government has determined that eye bank corneal tissue processing fees are treated as a pass through expense for the facility in which the surgery takes place. Facilities must submit an invoice using CPCS Code V2785, indicating the actual eye bank processing fee, and not the facility’s invoice charge, if different than the processing fee. If a patient has no insurance, the fee may be waived if the surgeon notifies and obtains approval from Eversight prior to surgery.

An Invoice Information Sheet should be completed for each hospital or facility at which surgery will be performed. If the hospital or facility refuses payment, the surgeon must assist Eversight in ensuring that the fee is paid.