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Communicating with Donor Families
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Donor families often appreciate hearing from the transplant patients who recieved their loved one's donated corneal tissue.

As a service to transplant recipients, Eversight acts as an intermediary between donor families and transplant recipients wishing to communicate with each other. To protect the privacy of both parties, we forward letters or cards anonymously unless both parties sign a confidentiality waiver that allows their identities to be revealed.

When receive correspondence from a transplant recipient intended for a donor family, we review the document to ensure confidentiality and then forward it to the family in a sealed envelope to open when they are ready.

Suggestions for Writing to a Donor Family

  • Any time is a good time to write. Whether it has been weeks or months since your transplant, many donor families are eager to hear from transplant recipients.
  • Using only first names, tell them something special or unique about yourself in a letter or a "Thinking of You" card.
  • You may want to write about how their loved one's gift made a difference in your life.
  • Be sensitive regarding religious comments and views since the family's religion is unknown.
  • Please sign only your first name. Do not use last names, street addresses, city names, email addresses, phone numbers or names of hospitals or physicians.
  • Place your letter or card in an unsealed envelope.
  • Include a separate note to Eversight with your request to mail the communication to the recipient. To fulfill your request, we need your full name, address and the date of your surgery to locate the correct donor family member.
  • Mail both pieces in one envelope to Eversight.
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