Our Mission

We restore sight and prevent blindness through the healing power of donation, transplantation and research.

Global Vision

More than 39 million people around the world live with blindness, and the vast majority are in developing countries where access to quality eye care is severely limited. With nowhere to turn, they are often homebound and largely rely on others to help them with the tasks of daily living that we take for granted.

Their plight does not only affect them personally. Most are unable to attend school, learn a vocation or earn a livelihood, needlessly imprisoning them in a cycle of hopelessness, dependence and poverty. They are frequently unable to contribute to their own wellbeing, let along contribute in a meaningful way to improve their families and communities.

These are the people Eversight is fighting for. They are the reason we take on the challenge of transforming eye banking. For them, we work to break barriers to corneal transplantation and champion access to treatment. We know restoring sight is a catalyst to empowering self-worth and allowing people to contribute in their families and communities. Eversight brings hope and treatment to people in many parts of the world who, until we intervened, had little expectation of either.