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Welcome to Eversight Michigan’s Gift of Sight Ambassador Program
On behalf of all those who benefit from the gifts of sight and life, we would like to thank you for your interest in providing service to your community as an Ambassador for Eversight Michigan. Your commitment to helping others learn about sight restoration and the positive impact that organ, tissue and eye donation has on the lives of others is greatly appreciated. We realize that time is very valuable and we are honored that you have decided to spend some of your time helping others regain sight, life and mobility through donor awareness.
Eversight Ambassadors are a volunteer group composed mainly of corneal transplant recipients and family members of eye donors. Our members are individuals who want to promote the benefits of corneal transplantation and build greater acceptance of eye donation because of the difference the Gift of Sight has made in their own lives.

What does an Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors help increase public awareness about the miracle of eye donation and corneal transplantation by sharing his or her personal experience. Nothing is more powerful than the telling of a story about restored sight or the perspective of donor family members who have found comfort and affirmation through their support of eye donation.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to volunteer as an Ambassador, depending on your particular interests and your desired level of participation. Here are just a few of the ways that you can get involved:

Public Speaking - Accompany an Eversight staff member to public speaking engagements and share your personal experience with corneal transplantation and eye donation.

Media Interviews - Work with Eversight and your local media (radio, television, print and web) to increase public awareness about the need for eye, organ and tissue donors.

Letter Writing Campaigns - Write to government officials to voice your support of current legislative efforts designed to increase awareness about donation and transplantation.

Attend Public Events - Volunteer for public donor awareness events, or simply attend to support Eversight. Check our calendar for upcoming events, “like” our Facebook page or contact us to receive mailings and e-newsletters about upcoming events and fundraisers.

For more information about our Ambassador Program, please contact us at ambassadors@eversightvision.org.

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