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Our Community Partners

Eversight Michigan would like to thank our Community Partners for their commitment to eye, organ and tissue donation.

By becoming a Community Partner, community venues, retailers and gathering places have a chance to play a meaningful support rule in their communities, to align with an important cause, and to gain valuable publicity through Eversight’s Community Partners program promotions.

Organizations interested in becoming Eversight Michigan Community Partners will be asked to do at least one of the following:

  • Host a Donate Life Station, to be staffed by Eversight Michigan volunteers, at least one day a month. There is no cost to the Partner, and the Station will be set up in a way that does not disrupt business. However, it must be visible and accessible to customers or others entering the facility. The length of time the station will be on site is negotiable, but is usually expected to be at least two hours and be managed by one to two volunteers.
  • Provide all employees with information about eye, organ and tissue donation, to be supplied by Eversight Michigan, and ask them to document their wishes regarding donation – either by joining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry or by indicating alternative wishes on a wallet card. Organizations with a 100% employee response rate will be recognized as “100% Partners” of Eversight Michigan. Not all employees have to choose donation in order to participate – they just have to make their wishes known.
  • Link to Eversight Michigan’s Web site from the organization’s Web site, and/or Facebook page. Eversight will publish Web links to all of its Community Partners, and will recognize them on its Facebook fan page status updates.
  • Provide customers with Eversight Michigan materials, and other materials related to eye, organ and tissue donation. Materials will be supplied by Eversight and can be placed on checkout counters, lobby tables, guest tables or even in bags.

In return, Eversight will:

  • Offer personal recognition, including a Community Partner certificate and letter of gratitude.
  • Provide free publicity via Eversight Michigan’s Web site, on its popular Facebook fan page, and in print materials featuring Eversight’s Community Partners program.
  • Create additional publicity via press releases that announce the partnership, acknowledge the partner’s support and encourage patronage among members of the community. Releases will be issued by the Eversight Michigan, and distributed to local media.
  • Provide materials supporting Eversight’s important mission, for distribution to customers/clients and employees.

For more information, contact Alison Wright at (734) 887-2304 or awright@eversightvision.org for more information.

A list of our Community Partners is found below.

Home Again Consignment
Located in two store fronts in downtown Vicksburg, Home Again Consignments has been in business since 2004. With one shop -- Wearables by Home Again Consignments -- dedicated to accessories, shoes and clothing for newborns to adults, and the other -- Furnishings by Home Again Consignments -- devoted to everything for the home, customers can find almost anything they need, including copies of "The Blind Porcupine", which is available in exchange for a contribution to Eversight Michigan.

Owner Evelyn Hall first heard about Eversight from Heather Nichols, who frequented the business with her daughters, twin cornea recipients Madison and Malia, creators of "The Blind Porcupine". It was Hall's relationship with the Nichols family that prompted her to become a Community Partner.

"Once you see a need, it's very hard not to respond if you have the ability to help," Hall explains.

Home Again Consignments: Wearables and Furnishings, located at 107 and 123 South Main Street in Vicksburg, is open Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, contact (269) 649-1944 (Wearables) or (269) 649-1947 (Furnishings).

Huron Ophthalmology
Huron Ophthalmology has been a leader in delivering state of the art eye care in southeastern Michigan for nearly 40 years.

It is a full-service eye care provider, with fellowship-trained physicians specializing in glaucoma, cornea and refractive surgery and eye plastic surgery. The practice also offers complete eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses and eye surgery.

Huron Ophthalmology became a Community Partner as a way of giving back to the donors who have given the gift of sight to patients at the practice.

"As a group and individually, we feel blessed to have received eye tissue over the years, and our doctors and staff have always felt a deep appreciation for donors," explains Dr. John Barletta. "We realize that as a large practice, we have a big voice to reach a lot of people, and that is why we wanted to become a Community Partner."

Huron Ophthalmology is located at 5477 West Clark Road in Ypsilanti. For more information, call (734) 434-6000 or visit www.huroneye.com.

Tietz Family Restauranttietz family restaurant
Andy Platevoet, Mark Cervi and Kinmberly Platevoet have owned Tietz Family Restaurant since 2007. Located in Imlay City, the eatery serves everything from burgers to prime rib, but what its known for is its mile-high corned beef sandwiches.

With two banquet rooms, a bar and a family dining area, Tietz Family Restaurant can accomodate any group.

For more information, call (810) 724-3385. Tietz Family Restaurant is located at 430 E. Capac Road.

Nicola's Books

Nicola Rooney purchased her bookstore in 1995, but it wasn't until 1997 that it became known as Nicola's Books.

One of Michigan's largest independent bookstores, Nicola's Books is well-stocked with an inventory of books specifically tailored to what members of the Ann Arbor community are buying, including an impressive selection of children's literature. Magazines, cards and music by local musicians are also available. Want something that isn't in stock? Nicola and her staff can get it as fast as if you'd ordered it online.

As a Community Partner, Nicola's Books is the only place in southeast Michigan with copies of "The Blind Porcupine" available to the general public, in exchange for a contribution to Eversight.

Nicola's Books is located in Ann Arbor's Westgate Shopping Center at the intersection of Jackson and Maple. For more information, visit www.nicolasbooks.com or call (734) 662-0600.

CMU Public Broadcastingwcmu logo

CMU Public Broadcasting has provided television and radio programming and other outreach activities for more than 30 years to residents of 52 counties in central and northern Michigan and portions of Ontario.  With five television and seven radio stations reaching more than 3 million people, CMU Public Broadcasting is the largest university-owned public broadcasting network in the nation and is a vital community resource.

CMU Public Television offers programs that educate, inspire and entertain.  These programs include a combination of national programs, such as the award-winning PBS children’s programs, Antiques Roadshow, NOVA, and Masterpiece Theatre, and high quality local programs including, Ask the Specialists, Quiz Central, Inside Central, Destination Michigan, and Capitol Report.

CMU Public Radio provides outstanding programming around the clock.  In addition to national programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered and A Prairie Home Companion, our radio network offers a wide range of local programs featuring classical music, jazz, and award-winning local news and information.

As a Eversight Michigan Community Partner, CMU Public Broadcasting has donated 750 underwriting credits to Eversight. The credits are being used to air PSAs about Eversight.

Northern Eyenorthern eye logo
Northern Eye has offered its patients in Alpena and northern Michigan eye care service in a caring, comfortable environment for nearly 30 years. Dr. Robert Currier, founder and medical director, treats vision disorders and eye diseases with surgery, medication or corrective lenses.

Northern Eye has been a proud supporter of Eversight Michigan since opening its doors in 1982. Time and time again, Dr. Currier has teamed with Eversight Michigan to offer a second chance for sight for his patients in need of cornea transplants.

By becoming a Community Partner, Northern Eye has shown its commitment to helping save lives by promoting the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. During the winter of 2010, they invited Eversight Michigan to set up a Donate Life station at the Alpena Expo, where more than 40 people signed up on the Donor Registry.

Not only has Dr. Currier helped Eversight Michigan promote the gift of sight, he took his dedication one step further in September, 2010, when he hosted an event honoring Eversight Michigan at his home, in hopes of increasing awareness of the need for public financial support, as well as eye, organ and tissue donors.

Dr. Currier, a board certified ophthalmologist, is a Fellow of the Osteopathic College of Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology and member of the Michigan Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Osteopathic Association.

Northern Eye has offices in Rogers City and Alpena. For more information, go to www.northerneyeoptical.com or call (800) 772-1015.


The Academy of Early Music
Now celebrating its 30th year, the Academy of Early Music is an all-volunteer organization that presents a series of concerts each season that celebrate the richness of music from the Middle Ages to the Classical Era and feature artists and ensembles from around the world who specialize in period performance.

The Academy chose to become a Eversight Michigan Community Partner after learning about Eversight’s mission to restore sight.

“We believe in what Eversight is doing,” explains Chris Dempsey, President of the Academy. “We also believe that it is important for non-profit organizations in the community to support one another.”

Chris played a key role in developing a Community Partnership specifically tailored to his organization, and brought many creative ideas for involvement to the table.

“We love that Chris really looked for ways to create a symbiotic relationship, drawing upon the Academy’s resources for inspiration,” says Alison Claerhout, Community Engagement Coordinator for Eversight Michigan.

Look for information about Eversight Michigan in the concert programs handed out during the Academy’s upcoming season’s performances.

For more information about the Academy of Early Music and its upcoming season, visit www.academyofearlymusic.org.

Countryside Cone & Coney
Countryside Cone & Coney is a local ice cream shop with an array of frozen treats and fast food options.

For Rick Struble, the owner of Countryside Cone & Coney and a member of the Greenville Lions Club, partnering with Eversight to promote the Donor Registry seemed like a natural fit. Both he and his wife are long-time proponents of donation.

As a Community Partner, Countryside Cone & Coney is allowing the Greenville Lions Club to continue its outstanding record of community service by setting up Eversight Michigan Donate Life Stations twice a month at the restaurant. These stations feature a laptop computer that enables volunteers to sign people up on the Donor Registry via the Internet. Struble is promoting the Donor Registry on the sign out front, and is allowing Eversight to give coupons good for 10 percent off an order at Countryside Cone & Coney to those who join the Donor Registry at a Donate Life Station in the Greenville area.

Countryside Cone & Coney is located at 10155 South Sheridan Road, in Fenwick. The phone number is (989) 248-3288.

Holiday Market
Holiday Market is an upscale grocery store with an extensive selection of beers, wines and hard-to-find items. It also boasts an on-site cooking school and catering service.

Holiday Market became a Eversight Michigan Community Partner after Tom Violante, the store’s founder and a member of the Royal Oak Lions Club, saw an I Joined! presentation at a Club meeting. He was so inspired by the information that he put Eversight in contact with his daughter, Gina Mangold, who currently runs Holiday Market. Gina and the store’s managers were able to receive a similar presentation.

“It opened my eyes,” Gina says. She and the managers signed up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry that day.

Gina hopes to bring the message of eye, organ and tissue donation to her customers. Eversight Michigan will be setting up Donate Life Donor Registry Stations at the store on selected Sundays and Mondays in April, June and September.

Holiday Market is located at 1203 South Main, in Royal Oak. For more information visit them online at www.holiday-market.com or call (248) 541-1414.

Arby’s (DeWitt)
Best known for its roast beef, Arby’s is also a strong supporter of the communities it serves, allowing community groups to have fundraising nights at their local restaurants.

The DeWitt Arby’s has been teaming up with the DeWitt Lions Club since Fall, 2009, when DeWitt Lion – and regular Arby’s customer – Jim Dunn approached one of the restaurant’s managers about becoming a Lion.

Not only did the manager join the Club, the Lions were also allowed to set up fundraisers at the store. At the fundraisers, DeWitt Lions pass out information about the Club and ask customers to join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

For Joe Crawford, who owns the DeWitt Arby’s along with 14 other Arby’s restaurants, the decision to become a Eversight Michigan Community Partner was simple because, as it turned out, he was already meeting the program requirements through his connection with the Lions. He hopes to work with Lions Clubs near his other restaurants to make arrangements similar to the one he has with the DeWitt Club.

The DeWitt Arby’s is located at 13270 South U.S. Highway 27, in DeWitt. For more information, call (517) 669-8272.

WideWorld Sports Center
WideWorld Sports Center offers indoor and outdoor soccer and lacrosse leagues, as well as instructional programs for kids, teaching not only sports skills, but also the fundamentals of good sportsmanship, hard work and having fun.

Because the Ann Arbor community supports WideWorld, WideWorld’s owner, Nishan Artinian, believes it is important that WideWorld gives back to the community. “Whatever we c

an do, we do,” he says.

The facility’s community outreach efforts include hosting a 30-hour Soccerthon for the United Way and a match pitting the Washtenaw County Homeless Soccer Team (S.S. PORT)against the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, with all proceeds going toward funding S.S. PORT team travel to Washington D.C. to compete in the Homeless U.S. Cup.

And now, WideWorld has teamed up with Eversight Michigan to host Donate Life Stations at the facility on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. in February and March. The Station features a laptop computer with a wireless Internet card, enabling Eversight volunteers to sign people up on the Donor Registry via the Internet. Those who sign up will receive their red “DONOR” heart stickers from the Secretary of State in the mail in a few weeks.

For Nishan, the decision to become a Community Partner was easy. “It sounded like a great idea,” he says. “Why not save somebody’s eyesight?”

WideWorld Sports Center is located at 2140 Oak Valley Drive, in Ann Arbor. For more information, visit www.wideworld-sports.com or call (734) 913-4625.

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