Eversight raises profile at international conference to fight blindness worldwide

Eversight International received high praise from world-renowned physicians and trained more than a dozen surgeons at the annual Asia Cornea Society (ACS) Scientific Meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

At the heart of the conference was an Eversight sponsored wet lab, orchestrated by the Singapore Eye Bank. Fourteen physicians honed their skills while performing two cornea transplant techniques, and Eversight provided tissue for four surgical procedures that were streamed live to the conference’s main hall.

Not only did four people receive the gift of sight during the live surgeries, but doctors from across Asia were exposed to the newest surgical methods that result in the best outcomes for patients. Surgeons conducting the procedures included Donald Tan, M.D. (Singapore), Akira Kobayashi, M.D. (Japan), Rajesh Fogla, M.D. (India), and Marc Muraine, M.D. (France).

The Eversight presence at ACS is part of the ongoing effort to grow its mission and impact in regions most affected by preventable blindness. In 2015, Eversight opened the first international eye bank in South Korea to help the estimated 20,000 people on transplant waiting lists.

Eversight is also delivering healthy eye tissue for transplants in 14 countries outside of the United States and building eye banks in Pakistan and the Middle East to increase local access to critical eye and vision care.

“At the Asia Cornea Society meeting, we achieved a level of recognition and respect that directly increased interest in our corneal tissue services,” said Collin Ross, Executive Director of Eversight International. “Thanks to our staff connecting one-on-one with physicians and healthcare professionals, we’ll have the opportunity to help more people struggling with unnecessary blindness around the world.”

Eversight gives special thanks to the following moderators and instructors who made this extrodinary event a success:

  • Donald Tan, M.D., Singapore
  • Choun-Ki Joo, M.D., South Korea
  • Vincenzo Sarnicola, M.D., Italy
  • Sadeer Hannush, M.D., United States
  • Rajesh Fogla, M.D., India
  • Shigeto Shimmura, M.D., Japan
  • Charles McGhee, M.D., New Zealand
  • Michael Belin, M.D., United States
  • Wei Boon Khor, M.D., Singapore
  • Anshu Arundhati, M.D., Singapore
  • Erik Hellier, CEBT, Eversight Director of Clinical Programs
  • Eversight International supports the continued development of eye banking and related professional disciplines worldwide. It addresses the clinical, logistical and cultural barriers to eye donation and transplantation by building relationships with government officials, healthcare professionals and citizens in nations that do not yet have effective eye banking programs. It provides strategic public and professional education, as well as clinical infrastructure and direct support, to international partners. The Eversight leadership in international eye banking helps to fulfill its mission to restore sight, offers a knowledge base to healthcare professionals abroad to improve their nations’ health resources and creates opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations in other countries.