We are dedicated to expanding access to sight-restoring services for people around the world

International eye bank development consultation

Eversight is partnering with local governments and community leaders to establish sustainable solutions for eye donation and transplantation in underserved areas where the need is greatest, including the Middle East, Pakistan and South Korea. Whether it’s developing medical standards, clinical staff training, policies and procedures or facility design, Eversight provides the know-how for all aspects of eye banking’s best practices.

Sustainable solutions

In many parts of the world, corneal transplantation is limited by a lack of foundation and advanced clinical training. Eversight is one of the first organizations to provide training to physicians and healthcare professionals in regions most affected by preventable blindness. We are working with some of the leading corneal surgeons in the world to share skills and expertise with physicians in Jordan, Pakistan and Palestine so they can offer better options for patients and support the development of eye banks in their home countries.

Meeting a global need

Successful eye bank operations begin at the local community level, cultivating meaningful relationships and fostering positive change for all things impacting donation and transplantation. Collaboration with local healthcare professionals, as well as community and religious leaders, opens channels for dialogue, builds trust and understanding and overcomes challenges to donation. In Pakistan, by engaging in the development and implementation of effective and culturally appropriate donation systems, Eversight and our partners are increasing the number of locally provided tissues available for transplant to assist the nearly 165,000 Pakistanis suffering from corneal blindness.

If you are interested in clinical training opportunities or an eye bank development project, please contact Eversight.

A world of difference

Dr. Richard Gieser has gone on mission trips in 19 countries outside the U.S., and he has traveled to Sudan to care for patients 14 times. Why? “Because there’s a great need,” he said. “The transplants are performed on people who couldn’t afford them otherwise. Eversight is always gracious about supplying the tissue.”

‘Their gifts are going to live on’

Your support helps us deliver critical eye care to the world’s most remote and impoverished regions via medical mission trips. Dr. Eli Moses used humanitarian Eversight tissue in the Philippines and restored sight for patients whose hope for better vision had nearly run out.
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Our mission in action

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