Guidelines for Submission of Research Grant Proposals

Eversight Eye and Vision Grants are reserved for partner institutions.

Eversight is a charitable, not-for‐profit organization whose mission is to preserve and restore of sight. This is accomplished in part via the recovery, evaluation and distribution of human eye tissue for transplantation, education and research. Eversight has established an Eye and Vision Research Grant Program to enhance its mission by providing support for promising projects concerned with vision research and eye banking practices.

Eversight is pleased to invite proposals from academic, clinical and health services investigators from partner institutions for funding promising research projects concerned with vision problems with special emphasis on projects utilizing human ocular tissue or research related to corneal surgery, corneal disease, and eye banking (including clinical and business practices). Projects relying solely on animal models will be considered only when their aims are directly related to investigating corneal diseases, surgery, or eye banking. Funding is provided as seed money to develop promising ideas for research, collect initial data, pilot projects and/or carry out preliminary laboratory work that could facilitate the submission of full-fledged applications for more extensive support from private or governmental agencies. The Eye and Vision Research grant is intended for faculty only.

Available funds will be allocated to proposals showing the greatest potential for advancing scientific knowledge regarding the causes and treatment of visual disorders, blindness, and eye banking. The number of grants to be awarded is subject to availability of discretionary funds.

Awarded applicants are required to submit a final report to summarize the basic findings from their work as well as reports of any publications or presentations at professional meetings that are related to the topic of the funded research. All publications resulting from this research must acknowledge Eversight for its financial support with the proper disclaimer.

Finally, principal investigators of funded projects that result in a successful commercial enterprise will be encouraged to make a financial contribution to Eversight equal to or greater than the amount awarded to them through this Research Program.

Research Grant Proposal Parameters

Review Process
All research proposals that meet the eligibility requirements for the Vision Research Program will be reviewed and evaluated by the Eversight Research Review Committee. The Committee is an independent, volunteer panel of distinguished scientists, ophthalmologists and health services researchers. They will assess the scientific merit and the extent to which each proposal meets with the explicit objectives of the Eversight Vision Research Program.

Specific merit criteria include:

After all proposal submissions have been reviewed, the Research Review Committee presents its recommendations in the form of a ranking of meritorious projects to the Eversight Board of Directors. The Board serves the final authority for approving the funding for approved proposals.

Submission Process
Applications can be filled out, saved, completed and emailed using Word. Only applications completed in Word and within this application's parameters will be accepted. ONE additional page of informational figures or key illustrations can be included.

Scientific Research Award Application, submitted electronically via e‐mail to the Eversight Grants mailbox, grants@eversightvision.org.
Biographical Sketch (NIH type) for the Principal Investigator and Co‐Principal Investigator(s), submitted electronically via E‐mail together with the Scientific Research Application.
Research Grant Application Acknowledgement Form, signed by the Principal Investigator and Department Chair and mailed via regular mail to:
Eversight ATTN: Eye and Vision Research Program, 4889 Venture Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

Consult the Research Grant Awards Calendar for submission deadlines.

Images and scanned documents should be included as e‐mail attachments, and all file names should carry sufficient information to link the files to the appropriate proposal or request.

Announcements of Receipt, Funding Awards and Denials

Eversight will send an e‐mail acknowledging receipt of each proposal received. If an e‐mail acknowledgement is not received within seven (7) business days of submission, applicants are urged to contact Eversight at (216) 706-4233 or grants@eversightvision.org.

Letters announcing research grant awards and denials are mailed out in accordance with the annual  Research Grant Awards Calendar. Please consult the Calendar for this year’s announcement date. If an announcement letter related to a confirmed research proposal submission is not received within seven (7) days of the listed mailing date, applicants are asked to contact Eversight at (216) 706-4233 or grants@eversightvision.org.

Support Questions
Researchers needing additional information regarding the process of submitting research grant proposals, including technical questions about the application form and related attachments, should contact Dr. Gregory H Grossman – (216) 706-4233. Questions may also be submitted in writing to grants@eversightvision.org.