Honoring Your Donor

Eversight’s Donor Memorial Garden was created in memory of the many eye, organ and tissue donors who have provided the gifts of life and sight, and in honor of their families, who have helped make these gifts possible for others despite their own personal loss.

If you are a transplant recipient, we encourage you to create your own living tribute in the Donor Memorial Garden, located at Eversight Michigan’s Ann Arbor, Mich., home. Dedicate part of the garden to the memory of the person who restored your vision, or in honor of the donor’s family, who helped make the donation possible. We offer naming opportunities for engraved pavers and other elements of the garden.

For more information view our Donor Memorial Garden Brochure.

Please note: Due to high interest, benches and pergola naming are no longer available.

The Donor Tribute website

The Donor Tribute website, is Eversight’s online community for donor family members and friends in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey. This page is a free resource that allows family and friends to pay tribute to the memory of eye, organ and tissue donors and honor their incredible gift.

Transplant recipients may want to create an online tribute to the person whose gift offered them a second chance at a life with sight. These tributes can be made anonymously without knowing your donor’s identity.